What do our mums think about the Teletubbies Clip-on Toys?

What do our mums think about the Teletubbies Clip-on Toys?

During the Teletubbies toys takeover, we've been bringing you everything you need to know about the toy collection from Character Options.

At we know that nothing is more valuable than the opinion of another mum, so we've asked top mummy bloggers to review the new Clip-on Toys. Find out what The Mummy Sphere had to say here:

“Teletubbies are celebrating 20 years of gracing our screens and they have launched some toys to celebrate. I was 12 when they first came out so it's scary to think how fast that's gone and even then when I was at secondary school I loved watching the programme. I'm not embarrassed because most of the year group were the same, as we seemed to think it was "cool" to like a preschoolers programme and you could spend ages laughing at some of the camp, potentially naughty things the Teletubbies said and did which went over younger children's head!

So I still have a fond love for the Teletubbies and thankfully all three kids in my family love watching them so I get to relive my youth!

Cheeky has been sent two of their new clip-on toys to test, and she got Tinky Winky and my favourite, Po.

The clip-on toys attach easily to her pram and car seat so they keep her entertained when she's not able to crawl around and explore. They have a lovely, soft texture, although they are also soggy at the moment as she seems to enjoy the softness a little too much that they live in her mouth...

At only £4.99 each I would recommend them for long car journeys or trips in the pram for your little ones, as they will help save your sanity and remove their boredom.”

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