What do our mums think of the brand new PJ Masks toys?

What do our mums think of the brand new PJ Masks toys?

In celebration of the brand new toy collection, PJ Masks has taken over this week and some of our top bloggers have been reviewing the toys.

Here’s what Mudpie Fridays thought of the range when she reviewed it with her PJ Masks-loving kids;

When I mentioned to Monkey that we could host a PJ Masks Twitter Party I did not anticipate the response I would get. Suddenly he was jumping all over the place squealing with delight. Now honestly this is a show that had passed me by, but not Monkey as I watched as he reenacted scenes from the popular TV programme aired on Disney Junior (which indecently is now on series link). Luckily we were selected and received an amazing amount of merchandise to hold our own party, please stop back to read how we got on, I have a feeling it will be immense.

There is a new toy range which launched at the beginning of February, it contains a variety of role play, plastic and plush toys catering for all PJ Masks fans. Heres what we thought of the toys we were sent:

There are three costumes in the range – Owlette, Catboy and Gekko, meaning everyone can dress up as their favourite character. If you are regular reader of Mudpie Fridays then you know that Monkey’s favourite colour is blue! So there is no surprise that his favourite character of the trio is Catboy! Consequently I have never seen him so excited to try out a dressing up outfit!

I was a little pespermistic as with many dress up outfits inevitably the mask tends to be far too big, rendering it useless. However this one fitted perfectly thanks to the elasticated strap. It is also reasonably thick wadding/fabric which means it holds it shape too.

The colours of the costume are bright and vibrant, it even has its own Catboy tail! Its not too thick which means Monkey can comfortably wear a cotton tip underneath and not over heat. Another big plus in our book due to his ecezma and only being able to wear cotton. The top half of the costume is secured at the back by velcro, at 4.5 years Monkey can get in and out of it himself. I would also say its true to size, designed for 4-6 year olds I can see that there is some growing room in both the legs and body. But not too much that it looks huge on him. Needless to say he has wanted to wear it everyday since. Wish me luck on keeping it nice for the party…. RRP £24.99

These are great for acting out the adventures from the TV programmes or ones Monkey makes up himself (he now wants the whole set!). I always have a real infinity towards toys that help his imagination to grow and since we are learning to read, story telling. Catboy comes with his Cat-Car, Gekko with his Gekko-Mobile and Owlette and her Owl-Glider. Each vehicle is a good replica of those in the TV programme so kids can relate right away. They come with a three inch posable figure of their driver. The attention to detail with the figurines is very impressive, they are also textured which I really like.

Each vehicle has three seats that are colour coded, meaning you can fit all the figures into one vehicle. Ideal for teamwork powered adventures. It also gives more possibilities in play when one may get ‘wrecked’ as part of the storyline.

Monkey thought it was great fun to send them flying across the laminate floor in our kitchen! Made from good quality plastic in the same bright vibrant colours I can see these standing the test of time. My only challenge is to encourage him to give them away as prizes for our upcoming party! RRP £13.99. There is also an exclusive Deluxe Vehicle set available at Argos for £19.99 each.

Blind bags are a relatively new discovering in our house. However since collectables are now so popular due to their pocket money price (RRP £2.49) we seem to have a growing collection of our own.

The first series of these has 12 figures in total including a super rare Conor figure. I love his little face full of anticipation as he opens them wondering which one he will get! Thankfully catboy featured pretty highly in the ones he was allowed to open pre party. They are a good size for a blind bag toy, good attention to detail and a hard plastic. Options available are: Luna Girl, Gekko, Catboy standing, Owlette, Romeo, Ninjalino, Night Ninja, Connor, Rare Connor in his special PJs, Greg, Amaya and Catboy in a pouncing pose.
Beanie Plushes are great to take to bed for nighttime adventures. These ones are a good size approximately eight inches. Available in the three heros and their arch enemy mad scientist Romeo. Like all the other toys we have played with and reviewed in this range they are great quality. No loose stitching, bright colours and super soft ribbed material.

There is lots of attention to detail with a shiny logo on the front of each character, printed costume and sewn features. The slightly over size head is also really appealing. Monkey gravitated to them straight away. Also because of their size this is one soft toy I do not mind him wanting to take it with him when we are out and about! RRP £8.99

The toy range is due to be added to this year, as you can imagine Monkey can not wait to see what else they bring out and with his Birthday in June I think I know what he will be putting on the top of his list! More information available at;

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