What do real mums think of the new Peppa Pig toys?

What do real mums think of the new Peppa Pig toys?

It’s a Peppa Pig toys takeover week and we’ve been finding out what YOU think about the lovely new Peppa Pig toys from Character Options, especially the Pick Up and Play Sets, which are just one of the innovative new items in the range.

Here’s what Keeping Up With The Jones Family thought to these handy travel size play sets…

We live ten minutes from the entrance to Peppa Pig World – and so it’s no great shocker that Hero adores that cheeky little pig.  Over the years [years!] I’ve also come to love quite a few of the characters, and Daddy Pig’s car ride at Paulton’s Park, too.  This week Hero’s been playing with the Peppa Pig Pick Up and Play Playsets – the Playground Playset.

Peppa Pig Pick Up and Play Playsets are designed as foldaway playsets in the shape of Peppa’s face, opening up to reveal a classic scene such as the beach or the playground, plus a figure and accessories are included too for imaginative fun.  Open up the playset, play with the figure and accessories, and then listen to the sounds when you press the buttons.

Inside our playground set was a little basketball hoop, a trampoline and Peppa.

That these can be taken anywhere – they’re light and clip together easily.

That everything can be stored inside the toy, nothing goes missing!

How spacious the set is – there’s room for more of the boys’ Peppa figures to play along.

That the figure of Peppa is the same size as the other figures for sale with other Peppa toys so they’re compatible!

The little sound effects box – we never get tired of hearing the ducks quacking, or muddy puddles being jumped up and down in!

There had been two little figures inside – poor Peppa is a little lonely!

That the sounds had included Peppa instead of George – he’s not in the playset and yet his “Dinosaur, rarrrr!” noise features – and Hero keeps asking why he’s not there, haha.

At £14.99, these are sweet little sets and would make lovely birthday presents.  I love that I now have somewhere for Hero to store his little Peppa figures altogether, and they can play in Madame Gazelle’s playground to their heart’s content!

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