What our mums think about Ready Brek

What our mums think about Ready Brek

We adore how delicious and smooth Ready Brek is and to see if our mums shared our sentiments we sent them a range of the delicious breakfast meal along with the perfect breakfast set to enjoy it with!

Find out what they had to say about the iconic brand.

The Mummy Sphere

"I’m probably showing my age when I tell you that I first encountered Ready Brek in the 80’s adverts that promised a bowl of Ready Brek in the morning was ‘central heating for kids‘. If only it were true that you can surround yourself with an orange glow that keeps out the cold on a freezing school run, just by eating a bowl of cereal! Fast forward several years and I started buying Ready Brek for my own children. It’s a great breakfast for kids as it’s still made with rolled oats and there’s no added sugar or salt. Ready Brek is a fortified cereal, so it is rich in calcium, rich in Vitamin D and it’s high in fibre."

Missing Sleep

"As a parent I love Ready Brek for lots of reasons the oat fibre helps the boys digestion, the calcium gives them the strong teeth their dentist is so proud of and the vitamin D supports their immune system.  It is also very filling and keeps the boys going until their fruit break at school and the Vitamin B12 stops them being quite so tired so they do better at school.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it’s essential to get it right."


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