What our mums think of the Wissper and Peggy Starter Set!

What our mums think of the Wissper and Peggy Starter Set!

This week has been full of lots of Wissper-themed fun, as we celebrate the new toy range from Simba Smoby.

Wissper is all about a young 7 year old girl with an extraordinary ability to talk with animals and solve their problems. The toy range perfectly captures the magic of the show, so we asked some top mummy bloggers to review the Wissper and Peggy Starter Set and tell you even more about it.

Read The Family Clan’s review here:

"We really love watching Wissper in the Family Clan household, it just seems so magical and draws the attention instantly from the theme song beginning to play.

I am really impressed with the quality of the products we have received and how alike the are to the actual TV show.
Grace who is aged 3 took to playing with this set immediately, she sits and talks to Wissper and Peggy using all the many different accessories the set came with for extra value play. It was truly beautiful watching her play with these and how in depth she went with her imaginative play.

This set is priced at £19.99, if your little one loves Wissper I know they will love this set. I believe this to be a very fair price for the quality that you are getting and the amount of value play that Grace has had out of this. This play set  is a brand new product that goes with the Wissper series on Milkshake on Channel 5 & Nick Jr."

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