What’s in the Schleich Horse Club collection?

What’s in the Schleich Horse Club collection?

Schleich’s Horse Club collection gives young ones everywhere the chance to discover a realistic riding world. The playsets and accessories in the range are bound to fascinate boys and girls who simply can’t get enough of horses!

The brand new Mobile Vet Van lets budding vets create all the emergencies and missions they can think of! It comes complete with a portable X-ray machine, a young Hanoverian foal, a vet figure and a doctor’s bag… all for only £29.99!

Also new for this year are two lovely new Horse Stalls, which can be combined with the Horse Club Riding Centre for even more imaginative play possibilities. Kids can choose from the Horse Stall with Lusitanian Mare (RRP £14.99) or the Horse Stall with Arabian Horses and Groom (RRP £24.99)

The cute mini playsets also make brilliant options; our favourites are the adorable Foal with Blanket and the English Throughbred with Blanket (RRP £8.99)

The Horse Club range also has single horse figures available with countless breeds to choose from. Horse lovers will have their eyes on the brand new Pintabian Foal, Stallion and Mare (RRP from £4.49) horses which have trotted into the collection this year.

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