Why we love ChillFactor!

Why we love ChillFactor!

We've teamed up with the amazing ChillFactor brand to bring you all the latest about the family favourite range! The amazing products allow you to make slushies, popsicles and more all from the comfort of your own home and families up and down the country simply can't live without theirs!

There are so many reasons to love ChillFactor but here's what we love the most!

Easy to use and kid-safe: ChillFactor products are all simple and safe for children aged 3 and above to use. Other than checking the freezer door has been closed, you won't have to worry!

The variety of products: The range always has a great variety of colours and styles which is great for kids who like to have things in their favourite colour!

Can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle: You can add healthy juices, smoothies and fruits to ChillFactor products, making them a great option when you're trying to incorporate more fruit to yours or your children's diets!

You can experiment: You can add so many different drinks and fruit to your ChillFactor products meaning there are so many different flavour combos to try out!

Fun for all the family: There's nothing better than the whole family making a nice cold drink or treat with their ChillFactors!

Adult only recipes: Kids love making drinks and snacks with ChillFactor but parents do too! Did you know you can make cocktail slushies with the Slushy Maker?

Cleaning is a breeze: Sometimes making homemade drinks and snacks can be a really messy process but with ChillFactor, everything is really simple to clean. There aren't lots of fiddly parts, and most of the parts can be popped in the dishwasher!

Great value for money: ChillFactor products are always really reasonably priced and you can use them over and over again – you definitely get your money's worth!

What do you and your children love about ChillFactor? Tell us @ukmumstv!

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