For the next week, has joined up with Fisher-Price and CBeebies Go Jetters to bring you all of the action and adventure from the show! We have everything you need to know about fantastic new toys from Fisher-Price, plus an online Twitter party where kids can watch the brand new Go Jetters DVD as well as taking part in lots of playtime fun and games.

What’s more, you could win a bundle of toys from the new Fisher-Price Go Jetters range for your little fans as well as finding out about the whole range that features a cool transforming Jet Pad, the popular characters from the show and awesome Weather Launcher, plus much more!

Go Jetters follows the adventures of four plucky heroes Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz as they travel the world with their mentor and friend, Ubercorn – a disco grooving unicorn! The Go Jetters are all students of the Go Jet Academy and are undertaking the final part of their geographical training – the field trip. Their assignment is to learn about the many fascinating man-made and natural landmarks that adorn our world. However, due to the meddling’s of failed student, Grandmaster Glitch, their assignment quickly turns into a mission to save the landmarks and to restore them to their former glory.

You can watch new episodes of the Go Jetters weekdays at 7:55am and 5:25pm on CBeebies and for more information on the Fisher-Price range visit

Even if you aren’t hosting a Go Jetters party you can still be involved in all the fun. Join us on Twitter at 2:00pm on Thursday 28th July and get involved in the activities, exciting giveaways and all the fun and games! Don’t forget with every tweet you send to use #GoJettersGo
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